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Everyone deserves to live life without suffering from pain.

“Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.”

We are busy building our lives, our careers, and our business. We spend hours in front of computers stressed over deliverables and deadlines. And… developing bad posture, lower back pain, a stiff neck, and pain somewhere between our shoulder blades.

Painkillers and endless treatments will ease the pain but do not solve the problem.

Suffering from pain myself, I have spent years on a quest for a solution. I found a technique that is scientifically proven and helps to reverse the damage caused by a lifestyle adopted by our industrious society. 

Alexander technique is based on the restoration of the natural inner ergonomics of our body. 

Results include

  • improved posture,
  • better balance,
  • ease of movement,
  • pain relief and
  • regaining conscious control of body and mind.

This technique provides the tool to unlearn the bad habits accumulated over a lifetime and prevents us forming other adverse habits.

So, how does it work? And why does it provide such long-lasting results?

First of all, this is a technique as opposed to a treatment. As with any technique, once learned – it stays with you.

You can think of it like learning how to ride a bike. You can’t learn to ride a bike by watching others, you have to get on it yourself to perform the task. This way your body and your brain develop the skills and coordination.

The same is true for Alexander technique – you are an active participant, guided by a qualified practitioner you are learning to understand the kinesthetics of your own body developing conscious control of your body and your mind – because the way you think controls the way you act. As a result of this gained understanding, you can identify your harmful “habitual patterns of use” and consciously avoid these patterns. Training to use your body in the most efficient way, thus avoiding harm and restoring your natural balance and vitality.

You can learn more about Alexander Technique here, or by booking 20 minute FREE consultation via Zoom.

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