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My body is hurting me, please help.

My phone rang and I answered. The voice on the other end was a young woman and she introduces herself as Liz.

–       I just looked at your website and I think I need your help?

This was nothing unusual for me as most of my conversations would start this way.

–       I read your story, and I can see myself in it. I am working in the office, and my back hurts a lot. My masseur told me that my back is made of rocks. And I need to have a massage at least once a week. Can you help?

In a few days, we met with Liz for her first appointment. Woman in her thirties with a nice smile.  I offered her a seat. She sat down. Her back was very stiff, shoulders back, her neck was protruding forward and bent.

I asked her:

–       How would you describe your posture?

–       I am sitting up straight

–       How long can you sit like this without backrest?

–       Probably not for long as I am already starting to feel tightness in my back

–       Can I ask you to not to hold yourself and release your back muscles?

–       I can’t

–       Why?

–       Because then I will slump and become hunched

How many times have I heard such stories?

Five myths about sitting up straight

And so, our joint venture into the world of body awareness and pain-free living began. As we all are different, the solution to seemingly the same problem can be quite different. I am always crafting my sessions based on my customers individual needs to achieve the best possible results.

Liz and I went through the process of understanding her body, her muscular reactions to common tasks like standing up and sitting down, reaching for a cup and reading the text from the monitor, answering the phone and picking up a handbag…

Liz started to recognise the tensions she never knew she had and learned to release these tensions. Her transformation was amazing. After a few weeks, she happily shared that at the end of a stressful week of work and long hours she was PAIN-FREE. During the next session, I asked Liz how were her massages going?  Liz was puzzled – she realised that she didn’t have a massage once since she started her Alexander Technique sessions.

This was more than a year ago. We are still in touch. Liz recently moved to a different job and joined the gym downstairs from her new office. No longer in pain and enjoying her life.

If you have similar problems or would you like to understand more about living pain free, book your free session so I can explain how it works.

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