New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – a practical solution to reach your goals.

After New Year, I have seen many Social Media posts, where people announced their New Year Resolutions.
The resolutions are often about starting a healthier lifestyle, starting a regular exercise regime, walk/cycle more and sit less, spend less time on their electronic gadgets and more with their families or like me to expand the business opportunities.

This is great, but… are we making the same resolutions every year and abandon them by April, totally forget about them by August and then suddenly realise with regret by November that we have wasted yet another year of our life procrastinating?
Why and how to overcome this vicious circle of procrastination? Searching for a solution, I came across the following:

The difficulty for all of us is to take up a new way of life in which we must apply principles instead of the haphazard end-gaining methods of the past, but we must see to it that we are really depending upon the application of our principles in all our endeavours in every direction from day to day.

F.M. Alexander wrote this more than a hundred years ago… and it is still right on the point.
We are making our resolutions. We want everything to happen – we are buying a gym membership, going to the gym a few times and…gain nothing except sore muscles and we are starting to procrastinate.

The long-term goal setting is not working for the majority, including myself. How about setting the intermediate goals/steppingstones and create a clear plan of how to reach it?
I started by assessing what I like, enjoy, not what I think I need to achieve. I decided to create the path of enjoyment rather than the path of forceful push through the obstacles.

So, how this works?

Goal: Expand my business and double (as a minimum) my profit by the end of 2021.

 My obstacles:

  • Not many people know about the Alexander Technique and its benefits.
  • Marketing is not one of my strong suits.

 What I like:

  • I love what I am doing. I am receiving enormous satisfaction in helping people improve their posture, balance, and movement, become pain-free and enjoy their lives.
  • I like to talk about inner ergonomics and its benefits.
  • I like yoga, meditation
  • I want to teach, transfer my knowledge to others.

Then the natural progression from what I like to my goal would be to run monthly workshops and make them affordable to everyone to reach a wider community.

April: External ergonomics v internal ergonomics
May: The art of walking
June: Know your body – use it wisely
July: Breath with ease
August: How to stop end-gaining and start getting results
September: Working with gadgets – minimising harm
October: Introduction to Dart Procedures
November: Yoga Fundamentals

Monthly targets are set, and each of them is ENJOYABLE!

All the presentations will be published on my website and announced via Social Media.
Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates and announcements on upcoming workshops, events and specials.

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