The Alexander technique is primarily taught one-on-one in private sessions by qualified Alexander Technique practitioner.

Standard duration of one-on-one session is 45 minutes, but it can be extended to 60 minutes by arrangement.

Private sessions can be booked as one off, but the most benefit comes out of series of 10 sessions.

Group classes are from 90 minutes.

I am also offering introductory workshops and workshops for special applications of the technique (e.g., workshops for dancers, breathing workshops, workshops for pregnant women etc).

For group workshops or classes to the public and for private group lessons please send your request with details of your request.

Please allow 24 hour for your booking to be processed. You will receive a communication e-mail.

Standard Rates (45 minutes)

Casual session $60.00

5 sessions $250.00

10 sessions $450.00

Contact ATGrace to request a custom package of sessions.

Concession Rates* (45 minutes)

Casual session $45.00

5 sessions $175.00

10 sessions $300.00



*Concession rates (based on full standard rate) available on request to:

 – a second or additional session in the same week, a second or additional family member
 – full time students, health care card holders
 – members of DSA