Victoria’s State of emergency could be extended for a further 12 months – what this means for you…

I was watching the Dan Andrews press conference today. One announcement that really struck me was that the state of emergency could be extended for a further 12 months.

What does this mean?

  • Working from home will become not temporary, but permanent.
  • For some this may mean losing their job or business.
  • We will continue to have considerably less opportunity to exercise and to socialise.
  • Spending more time in front of computer and on the couch watching TV.
  • More stress, frustration, anxiety, depression.
  • But this also means new opportunities if we are willing to embrace them

So, what can we do?

  • We can do nothing, procrastinate, complain, stress ourselves further and further.
  • We can go into denial.
  • We can push ourselves through this silently suffering from stress and anxiety.
  • We can become deeply depressed.

All the above is very destructive to us and to the people around us – our family.

Graph of impact of COVID restrictions on our wellbeing


  • We can look after ourselves to emerge at the other end healthy and with a clear mind and be able to provide the support for our loved one during the challenging times and beyond.
  • We can re-evaluate our priorities and focus on what is really important in our life.
  • We can look beyond the current situation and make the most now from what is available.

There are a lot of options available. For me personally I found that yoga sessions a couple of times per week combined with breathing practice and meditation giving me what I need most – yoga helps to stretch and release my muscles and realign my spine, breathing practice helps to saturate my body with oxygen and meditation is calming my mind and eliminating fatigue. I am full of energy during the day and sleeping well at night. And what is most important to me – I can offer my help and my knowledge to others.

After practice I am feeling refreshed, energised and with a clear mind.

Graph of wellbeing status when looking after yourself during COVID restrictions

All, who know me know that I am not young, not very flexible, not very spiritual either. Over the years I accumulated a number of injuries and ailments including major spine injuries. And, as many of you, I have spent years sitting in front of the computer.

Nowadays I am fortunate enough to be able to access all the benefits of yoga, breathing and meditation as five years ago I have finally waved goodbye to my office work and embraced my new endeavor to become an alternative health practitioner. I would love to share my joy and my knowledge with you. You can read about how I became a Yoga teacher here.

I found that one of the most used and, probably, most hated tool available – ZOOM works perfectly to deliver yoga and meditation to everyone. Unlike pre-recorded videos it provides real time interaction and communication. All you need is a little space and your laptop (or tablet, or smartphone) and, most importantly, your will.

You might have different experience… As I mentioned before there is more than one way to look after yourself. But…
Why not try? What would you lose?

If you need help or are interested to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me. All my contact details are on my website.

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