A huge thank you to Alex for ridding me off my frozen shoulder!

A huge thank you to Alex for ridding me off my frozen shoulder! As an office worker, sitting at a PC all day, I was constantly in pain with neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches.
I have gone to many osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists to resolve my issues. They provided me with a temporary relief and exersises to do. Despite doing the exercises regularly, the pain always came back.
I heard positive feedback for the Alexander Technique practiced by Alex at AT Grace and decided to give it a try.
Alex taught me how to recognise and remove tension in my neck and correctly position my head to reduce the occurrence of headaches I was experiencing.
She also taught me how to eliminate my lower back pain by listening to the messages my body was sending me and readjusting my posture.
I could feel a significant improvement after the second session and my frozen shoulder was gone completely after the 6th session.
Alexander Technique is different from other treatment methods, as it empowers the patient to help themselves and its effects last a lifetime, rather than provide a quick fix short term solution that will require further treatments in the future.
I am super grateful to Alex for returning the movement to my arm and a significant reduction of posture related headaches! I can now feel them coming and can readjust myself to make them disappear.

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