I had a back pain for a long time.

My story may be a bit long, but I feel that I have to tell it.
I had a bit of back pain for a long time: not too strong to get medication, but quite annoying. With age, it’s got coming more often and more strongly, so trying to get rid of it had become almost everyday struggle. Inevitably, though, it was back. I started turning to painkillers.
Then I had discovered Alex and her Alexander Technique. There were two of us now, and work to get me rid of my back pain has begun.
Our biggest challenge was to recognise where the pain originated, as there were no obvious reasons for it. After the first few fruitless sessions, I was ready to give up and list Alexander Technique as just another bogus cure. But Alex was determined to help me.
Thanks to her patience and persistence, her gentle pushing and reassurance, and of course, to her excellent technique and deep knowledge, we found the cause of my pain.
Then Alex taught me how to move and do things the right way, thus effectively getting me rid of my persistent back pain. I was in control of it now; I knew what to do to avoid it.
I am enormously grateful to you, Alex! You’ve achieved the result, which nobody could for all those years!
I wish your At Grace business all the possible success – I’m sure there are lots of other people, who will benefit from your kind help!

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