I started to see Alex

I started to see Alex for private Alexander Technique sessions due to a constant pain on my neck and mid shoulder blades, session by session Alex was showing me ways to improve my posture and my sitting position in the office, teaching me how to use only the parts of my body required to the movement instead of over using others as I was doing. Alex demonstrated to be a very knowledgeable professional and her willingness to find the solution for the issue made all the difference. I am now feeling much better being mindful of the technique that I learned with Alex everyday in order to achieve a more graceful and relaxed movement. I now practice yoga with Alex once a week, and Alex is teaching me how to properly do the asanas stretching the correct parts of my body in each asana. Thank you, Alex, for all that you have taught me in the last months I feel that I slowly learned how to move myself with natural grace. Lara.

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